True life change is possible, but only when we deal with the root issues of our problems.

Find Freedom for Your Soul

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7-week self-paced course (Each principle takes one week. You can watch them whenever you want, and as often as you want. Forever.)

9+ hours of teaching divided into manageable video lessons (40 lessons total)

In-depth study notes and reflection questions for each lesson to help you apply the material (This may be helpful to some who want/need more process time than they get at a conference.)

Quizzes to build understanding

Comes with LIFETIME ACCESS to all teaching materials!


Week One Focus:

  • Differentiating between external behaviors and root issues of the heart
  • How to nurture the soul through anointed teaching, presence, and community
  • Overview of the seven key principles of Soul Care
  • The foundation of Christian identity and the power of beliefs
  • Renewing the mind by engaging truth and God’s presence
  • The three core lies that most people believe and derive their value from
  • Practical Steps to rebuilding the foundation of the soul                                                                                                                               

Week Two Focus:

  • Aligning our soul with God through repentance
  • Living without secrets and the transformative power of confession
  • How to cultivate godly sorrow instead of worldly sorrow
  • Removing shame and experiencing the release of Jesus’s forgiveness

Week Three Focus:

  • Becoming aware of family sin patterns through biblical case studies
  • Six practical steps in overcoming family sin patterns
  • Recognizing patterns in the life of Joseph to break free from insecurity and comparison

Week Four Focus: 

  • How the love of the Father empowers us to love our enemies
  • The responsibility we have to forgive
  • Three reasons why we should forgive
  • Instructions on how we can forgive
  • Processing pain with God and finding His redemption

Week Five Focus:

  • Healing your past wounds and allowing God to redeem your pain
  • The four Big Principles behind accessing healing power in the soul
  • How to heal memories by becoming aware of the presence of Jesus in that memory
  •  Addressing common blocks to seeing Him

Week Six Focus:

  • Growing in self-awareness
  • Biblical case studies on the impact of fear
  • Remedying fear through faith and peace
  • Identifying your root fears and how they manifest
  • Five steps to overcoming personal fears

Week Seven Focus: 

  • The role of the deliverance in soul care
  • How demonic spirits enter Christian souls and the symptoms of demonization
  • The step-by-step process of deliverance
  • Advice on walking out the lifelong process of soul care

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Hi, I'm Dr. Rob Reimer

Dr. Rob Reimer’s passion is to see the kingdom of God advance through spiritual renewal. As Founder and President of Renewal International, Rob works with pastors, leaders and churches internationally to equip the people of God to live in freedom and to walk in the fullness and power of the Holy Spirit. His books Soul Care, Deep Faith, River Dwellers, Pathways to the King, Spiritual Authority and Calm in the Storm have sold worldwide.  

Rob speaks regularly to pastors and ministry leaders at conferences and has a developing ministry mentoring Christian leaders. Personally transparent, Rob relates lessons learned as he walked with God, responded to His Word, and processed pain in marriage and ministry, finding freedom and fullness in Christ. During conferences, these lessons are not only taught, but participants actively begin the process of incorporating them into their lives, walking in the light with God and others, and practicing hearing from God and accessing His power for ministry.

In addition to his work with Renewal International, Dr. Reimer is currently Associate Professor of Pastoral Theology at Alliance Theological Seminary in NY, NY.

Cathy H.

"After reading the book several times, participating in conferences in person and online, handing out dozens of copies of the book and walking with several people through the soul care process, I can say that this teaching has been one of the most transformational understandings in my walk with Christ. I highly recommend Rob Reimer’s work!"

Jessica J.

"Before I went through the process of Soul Care, I was doing a thousand different, very good Christian activities. I was digging into Bible studies, memorizing scripture, attending church constantly... you name it.

I had two major presenting issues that I could not reconcile however – I could absolutely not access stillness in God’s presence and I could actually feel a block between me and the deeper, “Living Waters” that I knew were there. I knew those Waters were there because I had read my Bible, but I was stuck with only my toes touching the ebbing flow of the tide.

After these months of processing and a total life confession, I experienced deliverance...and I accessed stillness...I heard His voice and I tasted sweet, Living Water.

I urge you, press in, fight the battles that need to be fought, process your own Soul Care and find the Deeper Waters on the other side of this journey."

David K.

"The principles of Soul Care unlocked some major things in my life that led to an exponential growth in my spiritual formation, freedom and walk with the Father...I walk more firmly and securely in my identity knowing what is a lie from the enemy, and knowing the truth from God. I have been freed from bitterness and anger by understanding the power and necessity of forgiveness. Soul Care led to my deliverance session, that freed me from a lifelong attack of sleep paralysis...and now I am helping fellow brothers & sisters get freed from their soul issues and spiritual issues..."

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How long will I be able to access the eCourse?

The eCourse videos and notes will be accessible to you forever! The only condition is that if it is no longer offered for sale and is being removed from the Teachable platform or if Teachable goes out of business.

What materials will I need for the class? Do I need to read Soul Care first?

You do not need any other materials for the course, and you do not need to read Soul Care first though it would definitely reinforce and support what is done in the eCourse.

Do I have to meet with the class at certain times?

No, you can do the videos at your own pace, stopping to process through the material. If you need to go back and revisit some of the lessons, you will be able to do that! You cannot move onto the next lesson until you finish the previous one. To move ahead, be sure to hit the "complete and continue" button at the top of each lesson.

What about triads?

The eCourse is set up for individuals to use as it is asynchronous and available forever. However, we think your best usage would be to find others who are also going through the material or other Christian friends with whom you can share your processing so that you are able to receive prayer, ministry, and support. This is important for breaking shame, for assisting you with securing your identity, for discernment from other believers, and generally for your the community that occurs when we follow the Biblical admonitions to “serve one another,” “love one another,” etc. Soul Care is really not intended to be something you simply learn, it is not knowledge-based. Information without application does not lead to transformation.

Is this different from the video on the DVDs?

Yes, this is a completely new recording. While the teaching of the seven principles of Soul Care is basically the same, the content has been expanded somewhat and the breakdown is done in smaller segments (rather than doing one teaching per principle that the DVDs and Vimeo On Demand videos have).

Will I get an individual appointment after the course?

No, unfortunately we cannot provide individual appointments for everyone who does the eCourse.

Can I share my log-in with others so they can watch it too?

No, this is for individual use, and not intended to be played by one person for a group. An individual may share it with their spouse, but the course completion certificate and the online community membership, if applicable, will only be provided for the registered individual.

Can I get college credit for this?

Not at this time. A course completion certificate is awarded to students at the end of the course, but, as with most things worth pursuing, the best benefit of the course is the life change that is gained by full participation in it. :)